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plant girl
plant girl
29 Nov 2013
Hmmm... I guess I was mean! But I don't appoligise if u do!
26 Nov 2013
enough is enough now stop ! if you don' have a social life it doesn't mean that you have to meddle in mine
21 Nov 2013
Uhhhh...love in the air! Kiara and Eliel sitting under a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!
05 Jun 2013
03 Jun 2013
you're welcome Kiara ^-^
01 Jun 2013
tank you for add my manga(la bella) to favorite!!
25 May 2013
Ohh... hehe ^-^ I'm glad to you, Mrs. Viatrix ;)
25 May 2013
indeed, luckily there is love in my life. :)
24 May 2013
haha, no, no, I still do not have anyone like that ^-^ but... by the way, you have someone you like?
23 May 2013
Plant Girl, Ice Girl, Fire Girl... are you fallen in love with someone???? :)
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