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Copy of ali daei
Copy of ali daei
24 Oct 2011
hahahahaah cheghad shabiiiiiiihe :-bd
04 Oct 2011
kaRat kOllllli liKe daRew haDis ;)) :x
12 Sep 2011
eee,mage too FB ham has az inaaa?!? man hatman barande misham pas!!! Eshtebaheto mibakhsham vali dg tekrar nashe haaa:D:D
07 Sep 2011
oh, sorry, fekr kardam manzooret az copy oon bood... amma messe inke eshtebah kardam
07 Sep 2011
perfect... albate midoonam ke az page mosabegheye tarahi avatare facebook copy shode. karat kheyli khoobe. sherkat mikoni too mosabeghe?
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