Genie of the lamp
Genie of the lamp
what are your wishes?
15 Jan 2013
Hello, glad you're here ^ ^ I'm fine and thank you, you're always welcome :)
14 Jan 2013
Hallo, how are you today? Just wanted to say "Hi"! See, I didn't delete my account yet (and thanks for your help about it when I asked you that question, by the way). :-)))
26 Dec 2012
Oh, I understand better now that you told me this. Yeah, the times when he have to make choices/make decisions are always a bit of a trouble and aren't too pleasant... I hope you'll have everything in your mind more clear soon so you'll sort out everything & be happier soon! So now you're working... Ahh, now I understand why you're less often on here, do you like your job? I hope so! :)
24 Dec 2012
I'm just a phase of choices, I'm still deciding about college and started working recently, but I'm not sad :) sorry if I made you think like that, it's always good to have friends with you :)
16 Dec 2012
Oh no, why you're not as happy as you'd like to be? I'm sorry, you sound sadder than some time ago when we spoke last... :( You have "still" a lot to do and some dreams to accomplish? Are they new dreams you now want, different from the wishes you told me? :) It's good you have those too... I hope you'll be happy too, thank you :) because you sound sad instead than cheerful...
13 Dec 2012
Hmm, I'm happy, but not as much as I would like to be, I still have a lot to do, and I have some dreams to accomplish :) and thank you, your dreams are great and hope you will be very happy \o/
10 Dec 2012
I got to realize some of my dreams just recently, are you glad? I've been happy 'cause of that! :) And your dreams are sweet, wish you to have them come true too! I'll cross my fingers for you! P.S.: ...u wanna jump with a parachute? that's sooo cool! I'd be a bit scared though, ha! :)
15 Nov 2012
Oh! very good, I hope you can realize them :D My desires? hum ... 1) I wanted to find someone special 2) know many places in the world and 3) jump with a parachute haha
09 Nov 2012
Great idea! & you drew the genie very well, I imagine him like that too, if I think about it I like him! And my wishes...? Hmm I'll choose: 1) I'd like to pass the final exam (of my study, final one) to be totally free/work; 2) I'd like that the guy I'm seeing+knowing better these days was the right guy for me; 3) I'd like to be a good person & help people to be happy. Thx! :) And your wishes? :)
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