09 Mar 2013
Que bela moça! Genial, companheiro. Gosto de garotas esportistas. hehehehe sério Vejo que também aprecia criar mangatars, certo? Eu também. É um passatempo divertido.
14 Feb 2013
thank you ^-^
13 Feb 2013
wow I like it :)) so good :D
08 Nov 2012
Oh thanks, haha this is true, you are a good observer: D
03 Nov 2012
beautiful girl, surely a great basketball player, I sense this! ^^ and interesting hairstyle you chose, I never see anyone use it :) oh and hey, I wanted to say: nice is the fact that you made many different mangatars of different sports... haha, I told "gamer, teach me some games!" and well, at least you show me some game sport related, cool :)
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