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15 Sep 2014
ik spreek nederlands
18 Dec 2013
O.o ramsés
23 Nov 2013
the mummy not a skeleton and it has cothes and not bandages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beat that!
02 Nov 2013
yeah, book him a Business class flight - he could enjoy the flight. hehehe
01 Nov 2013
hehe you're right! I'll take you back to Egypt, so he can sleep in peace :)
28 Oct 2013
if he feels cold you should spend him some holidays at the beach. If that is to expensive just change the background. hehehe...
27 Oct 2013
He seems to feel cold ... I wish I could curl it, but unfortunately ended up the cloth hehe :P
27 Oct 2013
Psst, we should be very quite as the Mummy is sleeping. Maybe this one is having the dream to build a big pyramid.
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